Jaycee Border Collie


In the great outdoors, Border Collies herd sheep and guide them from one area to the next. But when it comes to playtime, the imagination can run wild!

Why not get Jaycee Border Collie to herd all of the Steiff toys at home, too (and create a bit of order)! Measuring 28 cm tall, our black & white Jaycee Border Collie has a somewhat tousled, fluffy plush coat and his stance already reveals that he’s here to work. His keen eyes and upright ears with a slight kink are a sign of his attentiveness. His sensitive nose sniffs the air and his sturdy paws and black tail with a pretty white pom pom maintain contact with the ground. His coat has wonderful markings, and his characteristic Border Collie feet and muzzle are realistically airbrushed.

And his “Steiff herd” love him! At nighttime, everyone’s together again and Jaycee places his front paws under the pillow, enjoys a cuddle and watches over his favourite human as they sleep.

Being a Steiff, he wears his firmly attached and non-removable, stainless steel 'Button in the Ear'


*Please refer to the care and safety guide - machine washable at 30°c, not to be bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.