Brass 'Gold' Love Heart Door Knocker


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A beautiful heavy door knocker designed in the shape of a love heart complete with simple fixings making it easy to fit.   

Approximate Dimensions:
Door Knocker Width – 11cm 
Door Knocker Height - 12cm 
Striking Plate Width – 4.5cm 
Striking Plate Height – 4.5cm 

Screw holes distance - 10cm


The door knocker is attached by 3 screws that are approximately 63mm between top and centre points and 63mm between centre and bottom point behind striking pate. Screws included. Screw length 5.9cm and will be visible on both side of the door.

How to care for your door knocker
Your door knocker should just be washed with warm soapy water. Always avoid using abrasive materials which could scratch the surface.
Are you door knockers suitable for UPVC or Composite doors? Yes! Both! The Bees are attached to the front of the door with the screws provided and our Hearts and Hares are bolted to the door from the inside with the bolts provided.

How can they “bee” attached if I have glass panels in my door? The answer is simple, attach a small piece of wood the width of the bee fixing plate to the door first, paint it the same or similar colour as your door, then attach the bee to the wood, this will bring the wings from the raised panels that frame the glass.