Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Eeyore

Bringing a new level to their Soft cuddly Friends Collection, Steiff are proud to introduce Walt Disney's, most beloved Licensed Characters into the mix. Please welcome their lovable Eeyore.

Eeyore is a 25 cm non-jointed, slouchy character donkey. He has been sewn from a mix of luxurious silky-soft, plush, in grey-blue and sky blue, with rose pink, for his long stroke able ears and the bow on the end of his tail, whilst a glossy, fluffy black mane and tail tip add more charm. He has glossy black safety eyes, that shine below his emotive, embroidered black eyebrows, with nostril detail and a wide grin upon his muzzle and to finish, a fabulously tactile, bean filled squidgy tummy and feet, for that satisfactory weight and cuddly feel.

Being a Steiff, Eeyore wears his firmly attached and non-removable stainless steel 'Button in the Ear' with yellow label.

*Certified in accordance with DIN standard EN ISO 9001. Please refer to the care and safety guide - machine washable at 30°c, not to be bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.