Steiff 1926 Replica Teddy Bear with Squeaker - Ltd Edition


The 1920's were known for their lively parties, undoubtable and cheerful spirits and their love of breaking tradition. Think of art nouveau, how much that movement was responsible for new shapes, bold colours and anything different. In keeping with this new 'fashion' wave, Steiff came up with a newly designed bear, turning their back on the traditional, long-snouted and hunched back patterns of old, they came up with a gentler, welcoming face with a softer profile and a new mohair, a 'tipped', two-tone.

Were you aware that the most expensive teddy bear ever sold at auction, also happened to be from 1926, featuring the latest pattern and the all-important, 'tipped' mohair? It's true! At the 2002 Steiff Festival, such an auction took place, with the final amount being 156,240 euros. Even today it still holds the World Record, for the most expensive, antique teddy bear ever sold. Believe it or not, but holding the world record prior to that, just so happened to be another 1926 'tipped' mohair teddy bear.

Steiff's enchanting 1926 replica Teddy Bear is a 40 cm / 16" fully jointed, mohair teddy bear with a tummy squeaker. He has been sewn from a luxurious and dense, chocolate tipped, blonde mohair with warm, wool felt paws, whilst being traditionally stuffed with wood wool and featuring emotive, larger, two-tone brown glass eyes, along with a contrasting light chestnut, hand stitched nose and mouth, that sits proudly on his shaved blonde muzzle. With finger-twirling cupped ears, pretty open face, huggable size and of course that sumptuous, tipped mohair coat, what more could he have? A concealed tummy squeaker, to raise a smile and bring a little joy.

Being a Replica, this piece also bears their period correct, patented, steel underscore, button in the ear that also features his period correct, red ear tag. His modern-day white tag, with black print is to be found along his side seam.

He is a marvellous Worldwide Limited Edition, of just 926 pieces and will come to you boxed, with his matching numbered, certificate of authenticity.

*This bear is NOT a toy. The item is intended for adult collectors only. Please refer to the care and safety guide but he should not be machine washed, bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.