Steiff Orinoco Womble - Limited Edition


In 1968 Elizabeth Beresford released a children's book with illustrations by Margaret Gordon, about a special group of beings, that dwelled on Wimbledon Common, in London. They collected rubbish and recycled what they found. More books followed, with a landmark tv series in 1973, using stop-motion animation, songs were released and they appeared on merchandise. A film followed in 1977 and a second tv series (although animated) in 1997. Those special beings were the Wombles and now Steiff have bought them back!!

A reminder for those of you who know and an introduction for those generations that don't. Orinoco is a Womble who just loves to eat and sleep, but doesn't like to work. He can however make up for this, with some surprising acts of courage.

It seems apt that a species who collect others discarded rubbish and create something new, should also be crafted in the same way. Orinoco is part of Steiff's 'Teddies for tomorrow' Series, meaning he has been created from making both recycling materials and natural materials into durable fabrics.

Orinoco is a 34 cm / 13.4" Womble, with a turn-able head. He has been sewn from a luxuriously tactile, high quality linen plush in a tousle textured grey, with velvety light toffee and grey accents and lovingly stuffed with recycled PET bottles, plus embroidered eyes, an open mouthed expression and a wee black bobble ended nose. His eye-catching red hat and tassel ended scarf are crafted from violan (ecological plant fibres) felt and complete his iconic look.

"Underground, overground, Wombling free!
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we.
Making good use of the things that we find,
Things that the everyday folks leave behind!"

As a Limited Edition there are only 973 pieces made Worldwide. Orinoco comes with a Womble sticker, Steiff gift box and certificate of authentication. 

*This bear is NOT a toy. The item is intended for adult collectors only. Please refer to the care and safety guide but he should not be machine washed, bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.